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General Pacheco, Tigre - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Invest in a private district far from World conflicts taking advantage of the low cost of properties due to the 2001 drastic devaluation of the Argentine Peso. The historically low construction costs is another reason to invest in land in this ready-to-grow country.

Build your own home in these 2 Sun-oriented lakefront lots. After building  a dock you can enjoy swimming or canoeing on the own 40m (130 feet) lakeshore. You can also enjoy fishing in the clear waters of the 60 Ha. (148 acres) lake.

Safe surroundings, all services, low expenses, low taxes, and at a distance of only 30 km (19 miles) from downtown, on the way to Nordelta.

Area: 10,215 sq. feet (0.23 acres or 949 m2) each.

Sold together or separately. US$ 95.000 each.

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March, 2003

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